Top 3 Trucks for Tailgating

by Mayra Sanchez - Posted 7 months ago

By Alex Castaneda

During Football season, fans do get ready and mainly in Texas, man, do we get ready. The best part of Football season, in my opinion, is the tailgating parties and activities, they’re truly fun, it is for sure a signature activity, a must if you will. Here are the top 3 trucks for tailgating!

Ford F-Series: This beauty comes with the famous motto “bigger is better”, and it’s definitely the case, specifically the F-450 offers the largest, and loudest experience at the tailgate. Recently, Ford added a pull-out, fold-down step, and grab bar to make climbing this massive truck a lot easier.
Chevrolet Silverado: The Chevrolet Silverado is one intense, standard-size truck. It’s brimming with little hacks that will make your tailgating easier, including upper tie-downs built into the bed to have your load secured and a corner step incorporated into the back bumper (alongside pocket grasps on the side rails) to make getting in and out a piece of cake.
Toyota Tundra: The Toyota Tundra is a classic, tailgating vehicle that is personalized for your needs, as it has three-bed sizes which are short, standard, and long. The Tundra’s tailgate can be dropped and picked up very easily with only two fingers and it can be simply locked. Tie-down cleats will assist you when you’re attempting to keep your grill secure while transporting it to and from the tailgate. Oh, my goodness, it’s raining. Not an issue. The back seats can be lowered to make extra space for items that need to be stored in the cabin and from the rain. 

Depending on which truck you choose, they all have a similar outcome. Just remember that getting ready for a tailgate party isn’t the main reason for being there. The main reason is to just sit back, relax, and enjoy a perfect pre-football game experience with friends and family.