What kind of DAD are you?

by Mayra Sanchez - Posted 8 months ago

They say that much of how we are is reflected in the type of car we have.

Whether it’s the model, color, features, etc., there are similarities between the owner and the vehicle.

Here are some interpretations of some car styles and who prefers them.

With a mentality to solve, decide and carry out concrete actions; they achieve clear and useful objectives, paying special attention to the results and benefits they bring. Their interventions are relevant at critical moments, and they are right when reacting. For such a dad, compact cars, fuel-efficient, practical, yet equipped with the technology they need to stay connected, fun to drive, and quick to respond to, are the vehicles that will satisfy him.

He is polite, kind, behaves subtly with others, and his dealings with people are careful and refined. For a dad with high standards, a four-door sedan dynamically combined with elegance may be to his liking; and if it’s light-built, smart, and agile, he’ll be pleased with this kind of car.

Extreme Adventurer
It is said that those called adventure-seekers who reinvent themselves and experience new terrain are attracted to exploring. They are spontaneous, restless, and unpredictable. They always stay ready for the next adventure, no matter the course or the terrain.

For this type of dad, there are 4X4 off-road vehicles capable of discovering and traveling difficult paths. These vehicles allow them to have the control, torque, technology, and performance necessary for the road.

They are attracted to the new. They always look for the reason for things and investigate what worries them. They maintain a humble profile and are without ostentation. Precisely because of their concern, they are attracted to innovation and alternatives different from the traditional. For this type of dad, the right thing to do will be a vehicle that reflects authenticity and novelty. Hybrid or electric will delight a dad with these features.

He does not allow himself to be told what to do. He likes to control and educate those close to him; he also goes against the current and what society stipulates.
For dads like this, nothing like a pickup that makes you feel like you dominate any terrain and can overcome obstacles. There are imposing pickups that provide power and, due to their performance, will make dad very happy.

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